BMW Group lance le challenge “Joyful Diversity with AI”. BMW Group recherche des cas d’utilisation pour faire passer les communications inclusives et l’environnement de travail au niveau supérieur grâce à l’IA.

Munich. Last week was the launch of the “Joyful Diversity with AI” Challenge, focusing on the key question of how AI solutions can help us as BMW Group to support diversity, equity and inclusion in our working environment and communication.

The challenge, which is being carried out in partnership with ekipa (an Open Innovation Incubator) encourages participants to come up with new ideas for the most innovative AI and data-driven solutions that promote diversity, gender shift, inclusion, and equality. Our goal is to use the new potentials with AI to put people in the center of our actions and look at completely new ways and possibilities to further embed diversity in the corporate culture.

Link to the challenge here.

Deadline for submissions is October 3rd, 2022. After a first selection and subsequent elaboration phase a jury will select the two winning teams on December 7th, 2022.

Diversity as driver for innovation within the BMW Group

Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is not only the right thing to do, but also a natural driver of innovation. Allowing everyone equal access and providing a working atmosphere that is free, equal, and respectful of differences – fostering a joyful and creative space for new ideas to flourish. It enables better understanding, reflection, and more intelligent decisions about the various requirements of stakeholders from all over the world.

The BMW Group is “Driven by Diversity” – now it’s time to elaborate how to drive diversity even further with the help of AI. BMW Group as global player reaches out to tech talents all around the globe for creative ideas, new points of views in order to find new use cases to collaboratively strengthen data and AI driven approaches.


New possibilities emerge through AI

To do so the possibilities of data and its systematic analysis have never been greater. Systematically reducing bias in work environments, communication and value creation using real-time data and analytics designed to test, measure, and reduce bias offers huge potential. We need to manage diversity, equity, and inclusion in the same data-driven and intelligent way we manage the rest of an organization.

With the “Joyful Diversity with AI” Challenge, we want to collect these ideas on how we can accelerate this transformation and facilitate a mind-set shift not only at the BMW Group but also in our society.

How AI can support Diversity #AIforDiversity

To build trust, equality, and promote diversity we as BMW Group want to build intelligent and performing solutions together with creative teams all around the world. The key question of the “Joyful Diversity with AI” Challenge is therefore: How to find new AI use cases and solutions to help supporting diversity, gender shift, inclusion, and equality in working environments and communication with the help of AI?


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